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1 de maig de 2014

Curator #59 @CatalanVoices

Catalanvoices.com: curator #59 Isabel-Helena Martí

Hi everybody. I'm Isabel-Helena Martí, the #59 @CatalanVoices curator. I am delighted to be able to share this week beginning on 28 April with you, as much as this marvellous 21st century tool called Twitter will let us.

One of the things that make me feel proud of my otherwise modest biography has nothing to do with any personal merit: it is the fact that I was born in Barcelona. I did so on a September 15th, a time of the year in which the capital of Catalonia acquires a particularly beautiful tone: that’s how I see it, at any rate. The intense heat of summer begins to wane and the city prepares itself, parsimoniously, to embark upon an exuberant, gentle autumn that often lasts, weather-wise, well into winter. My earliest vocation took me to study for a career in journalism, but I soon realized that the field of business management was also fine for me. It was this second option which has driven the course of my professional life, perhaps without my ever having consciously opted for it.

The hobby which I have undoubtedly engaged in most passionately is travel. Since as far back as I can remember, the world, with its enormous wealth and diversity, has always awakened my deepest emotions. I travel a lot, as much as I can, but luckily there are still plenty of landscapes for me to discover. It is probably on account of this strong personal urge that now - given my involvement in the sovereignty process which is driven with such determination by Catalan people and institutions - I am doing my best to make the process visible inside and outside of our land.

I am a founding member and chair of a civic association called Sovereignty and Justice: www.sij.cat. Through this non-profit organization we work for the independence of Catalonia. It is a grassroots movement, promoted by civil society and funded by private resources. Among the many activities that we organize, I’d like to highlight the international conference we hold each autumn in the La Pedrera auditorium in Barcelona. The event is called “Building a New State” and it aims to make a high quality, rigorous contribution to the momentous political debate we have started in Catalonia on creating our own state and political and economic institutions. To learn more about Sovereignty and Justice, the international conferences on Building a New State and all the civic activities that I take part in, please take a look at my blog: www.ihmarti.cat. We can also follow each other on Twitter @IsabelHMarti

I look forward to chatting with you!

El debat sobre la creació d'un Estat independent - The debate on building an independent State

El debat sobre la creació d'un Estat independent - The debate on building an independent State
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